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Usage samples

SMSList supports multiple SMS sending from file and can record received SMS on a file.


SMSList file format

SMSList files are in readable text format and can be read by human or machine.

The CSV standard format (Comma Separated Values) is used for internal file contents.

This simply means that each file row contains a record, and record fields are separated by a semicolon (';').

You can read/write a csv file from Oracle, MS SQL Server, MySQL, MS Access and almost all databases and data management applications.

You can also create a csv file manually – using MS Excel or a text editor.


Creating a phonebook

A phonebook is a file containing a list of names and phone numbers.

+393486666666;Brian Smith
+393377777777;Eric Smith
+393483333333;Ava Pollack


You can create one or more phonebooks and save them on different files.

Phonebooks can be used to send single or multiple SMS (a single message text will be sent to all recipients).

To temporarily exclude a recipient from sending, just put a # in front of its row:

#+393377777777;Eric Smith       <<< this will be ignored


Creating a message list

A message list is a file containing couples of names and phone numbers, each provided with an ad-hoc message.

+393481234567;Tim Anderson;Your credit has expired
+393377777777;Eric Smith;Your credit is 8.00
+393358888888;Ned Tiger;Your credit is 15.25


You can create one or more message lists and save them on different files.

Message lists can be loaded on SMSList and used for multiple SMS sending (a different message will be sent to each recipient).

This kind of file is usually produced by an automated system and can also be sent by SMSList through a batch command line (see next paragraph).


Sending SMS from command line (batch mode)

The following command can be used by external apps, shell scripts etc. in order to send SMS from file in batch mode:

   SMSList <filename>

The <filename> parameter refers to a file containing a message list of SMS messages as described before.

This function is also named bulk SMS.


Storing received SMS on a file

You can store all received SMS in a daily or fixed file having the following format:

2008/10/26 18.49.21;2008/10/26 19.37.26;"MT";+393481234567;"Tim Anderson";7;"Our meeting today 10AM"
2008/10/26 19.37.39;2008/10/26 19.37.39;"MT";+393358888888;"Ned Tiger";7;"How are you?"
2008/10/26 19.38.00;2008/10/26 19.38.00;"MT";+393377777777;"Eric Smith";7;"Call me ASAP"


Storing sent SMS on a file

All sent SMS (marked as "MO") and the related delivery reports (marked as "SR") can be saved in a daily or fixed file having the following format:

2008/10/26 19.37.20;2008/10/26 19.37.19;"MO";0;0;"+393481234567";"Tim Anderson";7;"Your credit has expired"
2008/10/26 19.37.21;2008/10/26 19.37.20;"MO";0;1;"+393377777777";"Ned Tiger";7;"Your credit is 8.00"
2008/10/26 19.37.22;2008/10/26 19.37.21;"MO";0;2;"+393358888888";"Eric Smith";7;"Your credit is 15.25"
2008/10/26 19.38.18;2008/10/26 19.38.14;"SR";0;0;"+393377777777";"Ned Tiger";7;"Your credit is 8.00"


Storing incoming calls on a file

All incoming calls can be stored in a daily or fixed file having the following format:

2008/10/26 21.10.37;"IC";"+393602417469";""
2008/10/26 21.10.46;"IC";"+393231861829";"Bilbo Baggins"
2008/10/26 21.10.46;"IC";"+393231861829";"Bilbo Baggins"




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    Contact service subscribers and associates by SMS.
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    Keep in contact with parents and students by SMS.

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