Audiotel Modex EDGE Audiotel Modex EDGE
EDGE modem with USB conn.

Audiotel Modex EDGE is a GSM/GPRS/EDGE modem terminal with USB connection and voice, data/fax, SMS and internet browsing capabilities.
Discontinued product - can be replaced by Digicom Wave GPRS M.


Audiotel Modem features

Basic GSM/GPRS functions supported:

  • data/fax transmission/receptionUrmet
  • SMS transmission/reception
  • voice calls
  • EDGE connectivity with class 10
  • internet access with GPRS class 12
  • B class mobile station

Suitable for "Mobile Office" usage through wireless Internet access with plug&play support.

Also indicated for sending SMS from web sites, as no dedicated power point is required (electrical power is supplied through USB port).



The modem is provided with a swinging antenna + the following accessories:

  • USB cable for PC connection
  • CD-Rom containing user manuals and USB drivers for Windows 98/ME/2000/XP.

A SIM card from a GSM mobile provider (not included) must be placed into the modem.



You can download driver updates for Windows Vista, 7, Server 2008 systems etc. from the following link: (menu Drivers > VCP).

We also recommend to download the installation manual (from menu Support > Documents > Installation Guides) and follow the related instructions carefully.


 This product is NOT RoHS compliant.



The Audiotel Modex EDGE modem (equipped with a Siemens MC75 engine and a practical USB interface) is perfectly compatible with most telecontrol and telemetry software based on GSM or GPRS data connection.

Some examples: Siemens ACS26, Simatic S5/S7, Honeywell, Coster SWC 701 etc.



  • SMS for your business

    - Working teams
    Contact your customers and mobile co-workers by SMS.
    - Mobile marketing
    Contact your audience with friendly SMS communication.

  • SMS for public services

    - Services and associations
    Contact service subscribers and associates by SMS.
    - Commercial consultants
    Remind fiscal deadlines to your customers with an SMS.
    - Medical offices
    Send appointment reminders to your patients by SMS.
    - Schools
    Keep in contact with parents and students by SMS.

  • Do more with SMS...