Audiotel Industrial Base Audiotel Industrial Base GSM/GPRS
GPRS modem with serial conn.

Audiotel Industrial Base is a GSM/GPRS modem terminal with serial connection (RS-232) and voice, data/fax, SMS capabilities.
Discontinued product - replaced by Urmet Industrial GSM/GPRS.
The old "Plus" version is still available on stock.



Modem versions

The following modem versions are available:

  • Audiotel Industrial Base GPRS
    with basic functions - voice, data, fax, sms
  • Audiotel Industrial Plus GPRS Audiotel Industrial I/O GPRS
    with tele-management, tcp/ip stack management
    and embedded micro-controller
  • Audiotel Industrial I/O GPRS (see photo)
    like Plus, with an industrial interface including I/Os

Old GSM-only versions are now unavailable.

All versions features are documented on the brochure.

Audiotel Modem features (Base version)

Basic GSM and GPRS functions supported:

  • data/fax transmission/reception
  • SMS transmission/reception
  • voice calls
  • GSM dual band (900/1800 MHz)
  • GPRS class 8
  • mobile station class B

Suitable for any kind of automation, M2M, remote control, telemetry, environmental monitoring, security, automotive applications.



This modem can be provided either as stand-alone, including accessories:

  • power supply cable
  • wall fixing element
  • DIN and Omega rail fixing element

Audiotel Ind. Base kit with accessories or as a kit including additional accessories:

  • power supply 12/230V (EU plug)
  • GSM antenna vertical stick
  • RS-232 serial cable

Further accessories are available on demand.

A SIM card from a GSM mobile provider (not included) must be inserted into the modem.


 This product is RoHS compliant.



A last stock of the old modem version Audiotel Industrial Plus GSM (engine TC35i) discontinued in Dec 2010 is still available for those who may require.
This model (opposed to the new) still supports serial connections based on 7-bit framing - it's therefore compatible with some meters which cannot be interfaced with 8-bit framing.

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  • SMS for public services

    - Services and associations
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    - Commercial consultants
    Remind fiscal deadlines to your customers with an SMS.
    - Medical offices
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    - Schools
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