Compatible devices for SMS sending software
GSM modem/phone configuration


Our SMSList and SMSLibX software is virtually compatibile with any mobile device supporting the ETSI GSM 07.05/07 (3GPP 27.005/27.007) standard.

However, in the real world, each constructor implements this standard in a more or less compliant way - so, device compatibility must be tested on field.

The following table reports compatibility with some mobile devices.
The most recommended are marked as (P) ***.

Is your GSM modem/phone compatible with the SMS software?...
please verify it yourself with the demo version and the appropriate profile.


Modem/software compatibility

*** = excellent (full compatibility)
  ** = good (minor features not available or to be tested)
    * = basic (partially tested, with some limitations or tested by others)
 (P) = predefined profile available with the software (download is not needed)

Please consider this information as merely indicative.

Download instructions

  • Download and install SMSList or SMSLibX software.
  • Right-click on a modem profile in order to download it.
    Then choose "Save as..." and save the file to the Bin folder
    (e.g. C:\Program files\SMSList\Bin\SMSLibX.ini).
  • Install the software (driver) distributed with your modem/phone
    (e.g. Nokia Data Suite, Huawei Mobile Connect...) and connect the device to PC.
  • Then run the SMS software and set:
      Modem Type = Others (use SMSLibX.ini)
      Modem Port = COMx   (see notes here)
    If you are running SMSLibX from source code, then in the OpenComm method call you must set the gsmModemCustom profile.
  • If the device is marked with (P), then no download is needed.
    Run the SMS software and select your device from the Modem Type list.
    If you are running SMSLibX from source code, then in the OpenComm method call you must set the gsmModemXXXXX profile related to your modem/phone (see SMSLibX Help).
  • Most recommended devices are marked as (P) ***.

Modem profiles


Please right-click on a modem profile in order to download it,
then refer to the "Download instructions" box.

Isn't your GSM modem/phone listed here?   : (

... Don't worry! This doesn't mean that your device is incompatible.
New phone models are released on the market every day – so, this list will never get actually completed.

Please download a profile from a similar model (same brand or family), or try with some of the predefined profiles available with the software.

You can even customize a modem profile, modifying the SMSLibX.ini file according to your device features (some technical knowledge is required for this).

If you can't find a suitable configuration, please contact our support and we will surely help you.



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  • SMS for public services

    - Services and associations
    Contact service subscribers and associates by SMS.
    - Commercial consultants
    Remind fiscal deadlines to your customers with an SMS.
    - Medical offices
    Send appointment reminders to your patients by SMS.
    - Schools
    Keep in contact with parents and students by SMS.

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